NOTD // ORLY – Hawaiian Punch

First of.. Reason for me buying this, is these pictures I saw in a flickr group 🙂
Pictures belong to mariannaoust

So had to get it of course ;D And here are my pictures of it.. Older picture at the bottom with longer nails.
Such a great application. Covered totally with 1 coat. But I wanted to see if it did any bubbles and such so I gave it a second coat. Not at all necessary and no bubbles 🙂 It has some metallic over it and a bit hard to define what it goes as.. Well I love it and I just tried with a matte top coat and looks great to. A lot like La Paz-itively Hot – Matte but there’s a bit of a color difference. But still love those pinks 😀 So can certainly recommend this 🙂 Really pretty color 🙂

Oh and btw. I plan on doing this for NOTD some time in the future when the sun returns to this part of the planet 🙂 Looks so much nicer in sunshine 😛


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