No no no….. Jalou? What?

My favourite mobile brand is Sony Ericsson and I tend to keep up with what they put on the market.. You might remember my post about the new phone im getting and I’m so looking forward to getting that.. But then they put this on the market… I think they are making a big mistake.. in a time where all people want a touch screen they are making a phone that looks like something from the 90es.. This phone seem to be aimed at women from the age 16-28 and I am in no doubt on of these and I would never ever buy this…. Would you?


  1. Hehe… sad og viste svigermor min hjemmeside igår og så kom vi til den her post og så spurgte hun: Hvad er det? En støvsuger?
    Haha.. De har godt nok ramt fuldstændig ved siden af med det design der 😛

  2. Jeg kan ikke lide touchscreens (hader min kærestes iPhone). Men denne ser godt nok plastik ud. Ligner sådan en fra Fætter BR.

Skriv et svar :)

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