3 years and counting….

So today I have been with the boyfriend for 3 years.. Seems like times flying by so quick now 🙁
But sofar we had some good times 😀

He got me this nice necklace and earrings 😀 really love it! 😀
Love you


  1. Tillykke 🙂 Hvor er I søde sammen(I ligner lidt hinanden:) ). Har selv 6 ½ årsdag med kæresten om lidt, men det føles som om det lige var 3år.

    – Vibeke

  2. Congrats!!!I am with my boyfriend for 4 years and yes years go by quickly!You look so cute tgether in those pics! Your neckalace and earings are beautiful!Enjoy your gifts and your relationship too 🙂

  3. Thank you ladies 😀

    Vibeke: er ikke første gang jeg har hørt det 😛 man kan i hvert fald godt regne ud vi nok får lyshårede børn med blå øjne haha 😀

    Kellie: hahhaha that was fun 😛 never seen those guys before ;D

  4. Congrats on your three year anniversary! You and your boyfriend look great together 🙂 Such an adorable couple! I love the earrings and necklace he bought you!

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