NOTD / Rescue Beauty Lounge – Stormy

January 6, 2010 |  by  |  blog, neglelak

So had this on the blog before just not as NOTD and since I cant take new pics I guess I have to reuse old ones.
I really like it and as all RBL polishes the formula is nice and the application is quite easy :)



  1. Great color! I love it!

  2. Stunning. I love greys, I swear it. This just looks so elegant! Guess what, you showed up in my reader again ;)

  3. nihrida: yeah me to :D i love those greys ;D

    Nicole: Me to :D I think they go with just about anything to.
    Yes! I know haha worked on it all night ;) and finally fixed it with some help from a friend so now it should be working perfect :D

  4. Great color, does it look anything like recycle from CG?

  5. That is a gorgeous color on you!

  6. Thess: I think this is a bit lighter than Recycle, but cant say for sure since I havent seen it irl :( but its nice :D

    GA: Thanks hon :D

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