Late night mani.

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Under the stars

Sry for a very bad picture. 3 months and then i will have my new phone with 12mp camera in it! 😀 Cant wait…..!
Right now im at my last night shift. Have 5 hours till im going home. Then tonight im gonna have a night alone with my bf. We had uhm…. 2 years and 10 months anniversary thingy last night but since im at work it will be this evening.. and he has a present for me 😀 Wheeee. We usually only buy each other gifts for the big days.. but he has a small present for me this time… What ever it is i know i will like it 😀


  1. Oh, is it shimmery on the nail? I've been looking at this polish for the longest time. I can't really tell, but I can see that it's a lovely shade of blue!

  2. Haha well Lucy.. he had said the last week that he had a present for me and then he wanted to go get it today.. but then when he got down to the bank he didnt have money for it 😛 So we ended up taking a trip to the movies and grabbed a lunch on my treat 😛 Buuuut he will pay… 2 months til our 3 year anniversary 😀 Muahahah 😀

    And thanks ladies for the comments :))

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