Project Fail!

I saw this post at Nihrida’s blog about decoupage on the nails.. so thought I would give it a try since I do decoupage at some rare occasions. She actually made a really nice video tutorial on it see it here and now for Project Fail… :p

So first you take a napkin.
Then you cut it up to get some pieces that fit on the nail
And im sorry i dont have photos of putting in on to the nails but that’s kind of messy
But this is what i ended up with.
And yes of course bubbles as icing on the cake.

So my first attempt to make this failed miserably and I don’t know if it was my materials used or pure bad luck. But Im not temped to try again any time soon.. That’s for sure 😛 I will leave it to Nihrida to be the creative one (and she does it SO well) Thanks for watching! 😀


  1. Yes or well a clear polish/basecoat thingy. I think I need to have this experience a bit in the distance before my next time 😛 I'm badly scared 😛

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