GIR Nail Polish!

Den lille søde GIR(udtales GØR.., altså ikke som i dansk gør men engelsk GØR 😛 svært at beskrive faktisk) fra tegneserien Invader Zim har fået sin egen neglelak og den har en fantastisk neongul farve.

Så først kommer lidt billeder af lakkene og så lidt mere om denne lille finurlige fætter

GIR ser normalt sådan her ud….

men fordi at de skal undersøge ting på nede på Jorden og ikke må afsløres da de faktisk er aliens, så er den udklædt som den her

Og her er lidt udpluk af de bedste moments med denne her lille fyr <3 Enjoy!!

GIR nail polish OMG ;D Best thing ever! I love this little guy to death.. Cutest thing ever made from scraps 😛



  1. I love this color. It’s so fun !!!

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  2. Wow, it’s super cute! 😀 I love that acid yellow and this little guy is funny! I didn’t know this cartoon (I live a bit under a rock)

    Your nails have the most ideal shape. They’re perfect at this length. <3

    1. haha I don’t think its because you live under a rock, its a cartoon that was only sent on nickelodeon a couple of years back and then it got cancelled after I think it was 2 seasons because it wasn’t really something that young children should watch. The humour was really weird 😛 But I heard they started sending it again recently 😛 And thanks for the sweet comment about my nails 🙂

  3. AHHHHH! GIR!!! Where can you get this???? OH, I would love to get one!

    My boy (he’s 8) has been loving this cartoon lately…..I got him the DVDs to watch!


    1. I got mine from Hot Topic website, but I just checked and it doesnt seem like they have it anymore, but maybe you can try contacting them? 🙂 They had a pink one to, but decided to only get this one 😛

      I would loooove to get the dvd’s 😀

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