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Ive been tagged by Tuli and with it follows 10 random facts about me,
thanks Tuli for tagging me :))

So here we go

1. Im a computer nerd… really nerd.. as in, i can fix my computer if it f***ks up, fix my internet connection and that kind of stuf. And if it should come to it i can also fix my hardware in my computer oh and yes.. When i dont fix my nails or fiddle with polish. I play lots of computergames. World of warcraft, counter strike, Left 4 Dead, DoTA, HoN, Guitar Hero(on a rare occation) and such things 🙂

This is my cow in Wow… erh the middle one that is called Rijah 😛

2. I have this weird addiction to pens. I love finding a new pen that is just so smooth to write with. This was at the highest when i worked for an officesupply company. And i was in heaven when i vent to a convention with all the companies that makes the pens and i got like 50 new pens 😀 my favorite pen is this from Pilot called Vega

3. I looove cellphones. That is nothing new i think. But i really like to get a new phone every 6 months when my current subscription runs out. So during my life ive had
Nokia Ringo, Ericsson somenumber(was before it turned into SonyEricsson), Nokia 6210, Nokia 5110, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3510, Nokia 6230i, Sony Ericsson T610, Sony Ericsson Z610i, Sony Ericsson w810i, SE w880i, SE w580i, SE w760i(current one) and prolly some more i have forgot. Buuut in between these i have also had some from my work, since ive been working at one of the larger subscribers in DK, random LG, Samsung and HTC. My next phone is the SE Satio and i cant wait! 😀 Oh and i work for motorola now so i also have tried 2-3 of their phones, but im more a SE kinda girl 😛 well.. i would love to own a blackberry, but they are really expensive here in Denmark, so that is something i have to just dream about :p

4. I once had a dog named Anton 😀 it looked alot like this one
5.My favorite color is pink/lilac’ish (hence all the pink/purple/lilacs on my site)

6. Im very nearsighted. I have -6,50 on one eye and -5,75 on the other. I have lenses though.. and have had that since 1998. When i dont have lenses in… i cant see anything.. really not anything. Unless it up in my face :p

7. Im a news junkie. I love to watch the news and follow the news on the internet. I have about 35 newssites in my google reader. And about 20 something newssite about IT.

8. All my jobs have included me somehow talking to customers on the phone. Well not my paperroute ofc. but all others since i was 18. Starting with my job at HP Support in sweden, then the Yellow Pages in Denmark, TDC(telecompany) in Denmark where I worked with business customers with phone lines and adsl and also cellphones from private customers. Com-X danish ISP, then on to Lyreco (the office supply company mentioned earlier) and now i work in a helpdesk for Motorola. So my hair is often headset shaped 😛

9. I am lousy at math.. i mean really really bad.. i can just barely figure out a 2+2. Anything thats more complicated than that i just give up on… i think im dyskalkuli (thats like the word thing just with numbers instead :P)

10. I dont own anything with an apple on it…. and prolly never will.. cant see the point in having an mp3 player when my phone has one 😉 and i have been using a mac at one of my old workplaces.. and they suck… so no thanks to mac 🙂

I tag anyone of the awesome girls that read my blog 😀

Ps. Im a ninja


  1. I'm addicted to pens too! That's awesome that you are so IT gifted and can figure your computer out! I know how to turn it on and shut it down LOL

    PS: ninja?! Really?! 😉

  2. Number seven is great, I have it the same. And I also need a very specific pen. When I forget mine at home, I can´t work all day 😀

  3. judy: im so glad to hear im not alone with my addiction.. i was worried i was the only one who would show up to meetings for pen addicts 😛
    ps. yes but dont say it to anyone.. its a secret! :p

    kellie: was nice to read yours to 😀 love to get to know ppl :)) and to be a ninja is top secret and you know that! erh or wait.. we are not supposed to tell that :S

    AllYouDesire: hope your boss have a backup specific pen for you then :PP

    Thanks for all your comments ladies :))

  4. First of all,I think ninjas are the coolest 🙂 and second, I thought I was the only one who was addicted to pens.I'm happy to see that I'm not alone!

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