NOTD – Barry M – 302 / Fuchsia + bonus topcoat

This is a wonderful creamy color, a lot of Barry M is creamy. Makes it even better for me, since i love those 😛

I have lately begun to put on a topcoat from WetNWild, that i dont think is designed as a topcoat. But just as a polish for it self, but it is SUPER good as top coat cause it makes the polish super hard. I think that’s why it has the name Rock Solid ;D They write on the back of the polish: Infused with micro fine diamond flecks for rock solid strength and platinum performance.
I also bought Pink Sapphire from WetNWild and it works great for a french manicure since even with a couple of coats you can see your nail line through 🙂

So guess this is the reason for its tuffness 😛
This one is called Sparkling Diamonds

One layer 🙂
And a closeup, one layer 🙂 gorgeous… i mean who doesn’t love a little sparkle? 😀

Have a wonderful sunday 🙂


  1. Oh, now that's a pink that appeals to me, it's really gorgeous! Just makes it better with the sparkles. Very pretty on your nails!

  2. Great pink!And it really pops with the top coat!By the way those etsy rings on your previous post are sooo lovely!

  3. Your nails look lovely with or without the topcoat. That's a beautiful shade of fuchsia. A lovely creme and then a gorgeous shimmery topcoat. Love it.

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