Mes ongles d'aujourd'hui

The polish is OPI – Brand new skates
This picture is like 6 mins. old 😛 oh and i have Orly Matte top coat on.
This picture is like 6 months old.

Today my nails are on english and my blog part is on danish 😛
But i will write this… Headline means: My nails today… as far as i can remember my french 😛 I think i will make a normal NOTD of this at some point. Yeah next time i have it on with a normal topcoat… deal? 🙂 And now after a 14 hour workday.. i will go to sleep.. Night night out there 🙂


Sidder her og stener… kan slet ikke fatte jeg har været på job i 14 timer i dag.. er helt forvirret i hovedet lige nu…. altid noget der venter mig to nattevagter = jeg kan sover fra i aften til i morgen eftermiddag kl.17…

Glæder mig til at se dyner.. godnat derude i blogverdenen..
overskriften betyder i øvrigt: Mine negle i dag 🙂 (så vidt mit skolefransk husker)


  1. Ok so I bought it on ebay but I'm not convinced that its real! What does your label look like? Mine is white with green printing and HL809 it looks really different from my other OPI's!

  2. Mine is to.. so you shouldnt worry… 🙂 I have Sheer your toys from same collection and its green to 🙂 I just checked my OPIs and they have green writing all of them.. so i dont know.. the ones i have is real :S

  3. Yeah they are all green but there just seems less on this one! I don't know it just looks different! Thanks for putting my mind at ease!! x

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