Then & Now… a different NOTD

I saw a similar post on another nail blog some time ago, I’m sorry I cant remember which. And that made me look at some old photos from when I started blogging until today. And I must say i have improved my polishing skills.. quite a bit 😉 I can now make a fresh mani that is not all over my cuticles in about 5-10 minutes.. As to before it took me(If it were to be just a bit nice) about half to a full hour(maybe sometimes even more :o).

So lets see one of the first on the blog

This is if I have to say myself.. awful when i look at it now.. To much of my hand on the picture and polish all over the place.
Although I have never been that bad at putting it on I have never been anywhere near what I see on Scrangie, Vampy Varnish and all the other “pro nailers” out there. Have to be honest I couldn’t even figure out how they could make the manis so nice. Buuut somehow as I’m getting better at putting on polish it stays inside the lines.. so to speak 😉 I also used that trick of putting nailoil around the edges but it didn’t really work for me. So I just got a steadier hand which is nice now 😉

This I did yesterday in about 7-8 mins. (not counting the drying time ofc.)
Barry M – Limited Edition Pink (don’t really have a name I think)

So to conclude.. i guess practice makes perfect or at least better…. 😛
I would love to see some of starter pictures of the nailblogs out there.. Would be fun ;D

Other “fun” facts:

This was my nailcollection in march 2009
Not much there ^^

And this is all my polishes today September 2009
I made a little circle with my Barry M’s 😀 And i guess its not so hard to guess which color is my favorite 😉

And this is where i store them

The small polkadot bag can hold exactly 12 Barry M’s so i usually take that with me if im going somewhere for a longer period.
I know its not the worlds largest collection, but its so hard to find the good brands in Denmark, have to order them home from US and it can be so damn expensive. So i get my more expensive brands through is such a great concept btw, subscription to nailpolish, sent in the mail to you.. whats not to love? :D).

I was a nail biter until very recently. 😮 ye I know shocking aint it? 😛 but somehow when I got more in to polish I just stopped.. have no idea how, guess having some pretty nails was more appealing to me then flossy short nails.

I cut my nail when I think they get to long. I don’t like too long nails… not on me at least.. maybe because I have so chubby fingers.. haha ;D

And I think thats enough with the facts 😛

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Your polishing skills weren't bad at all. They've really improved now. Very pretty shade of the Barry M. I garantee that your collection will get much larger. I like your Hello Kitty bag.

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