China Glaze vs. GOSH vs. H&M

So I mentioned in a post that I thought my Gosh – Holographic was a dupe.. And I take that back.. Well and then again maybe not, I am really confused about this 😛 Because there are some big similarities in the H&M and the GOSH. The CG is more fine in the holo than the others are. But I will let you be the judge 🙂 I think my favorite actually might be Gosh, just cause it has that extra holo effect.. what do you think? But saying that the China Glaze is a bit different in the bunch so there’s no comparison here other than the holo effect it self. You with me still? 😛

But hey for this might only be for the trained eye.. I don’t think anyone could see any difference if I put them on randomly on and went to work 😛


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