Vote for me :D

Our lovely Polish Blogger’s Network is having a nailart competition and I entered with this mani 😀

I don’t think I really stand a chance compared to the others, but if you like it just a teeny bit go vote for me 😀
My entry is number 14 and on the list it says Maria / Polishing the nails, I have 1 vote so far, so I am way behind 😛



  1. Maria I think your design is adorable ! So creative and colorful and fun ! I love how you took the picture with this cute piggy, this is so seet !
    I like it a lot !!!! <3

  2. Wow I love your design! It’s creative, cute, and really well done! I’m going to check out the site now and view the entires and vote, good luck! 😀

    1. Thanks! I dont know if you have seen my tweet to you, but I have answered your question at formspring 🙂 had no idea that you had asked a question in there, I thought they would send you an email when there were a new question 😀

    1. Thanks Skulda 😀 Hehe me neither.. I thought I would just go all out.. I think I haven’t used maybe 3 of my china glaze polishes for this 😛

    1. Thanks Nic! I hope so to, but looks like its a race between some of the others 😀 I looove your design to 😀 Very creative 🙂

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