BB Couture – Laguna Lagoon

First of all I wanna say welcome to all the new readers 😀 So great to get some new names and faces in the comment boxes 🙂 And of course a big thanks to all the “old” readers who keep coming back for more 😉

This is a minty creamy color.. It’s a bit on the thick side so actually had to redo my pinky 4 times before I was totally satisfied with it 😛 This was my second polish I got from Nailmail. I cant show the last one as I gave that away to a friend for her birthday 🙂
Sorry for the indoor lamp light, but we still have winter weather here in Denmark, so the sun is absent almost the entire day 🙁

It reminds me of pistachio icecream… nomnom 😀 What does it remind you of?

Thanks for reading <3


    1. I dont really file mine as often as before. I just let them grow out and they end up like that, but yeah I think we have a pretty same nail shape 😀

  1. Wow, now this is a geen that I like! I love this color. The greens have really been appealing to me here lately. By the way, did you ever decide which bag you were treating yourself to or did I miss it?

    1. Hi PP 🙂 Sorry I haven’t responded earlier, must have missed your comment here 🙁 but I had to postpone the bagbuy since me and my boyfriend are about to move, so had to save the money for the deposit in the new apartment 🙁 But I will get one some day! ;D

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