Essie – Perky Purple

Another one from the great Neon Collection from Essie and also a original and one with topcoat, this was a bit more willing to work with me 😛 The streaks are still there but it was easier to get full coverage with 🙂 As Elizabeth said that was one streaky betch 😛 Couldn’t pick a more suiting word 😉 haha

Again I would have to choose with topcoat…. oww I loves it 🙂

If you have a little left over time take a look the Nail Blog Network’s page to vote for my entrance in the “Nail Off” contest,
if you like my design of course ;D And sure you do! 🙂 Riiite? Hehe kidding! Vote for whatever design you like ;D



Maria / Polishing the nails 🙂
Number 4 from the bottom


  1. I love this color. I actually saw this in clearance bin at a local salon but didn’t get it bc I have a Sinful Colors polish that looks very similar. But I should have grabbed this one!

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