Barry M – Acid Yellow

Just a quick post before I am going to bed, have night shift the next two days, so will not be posting anything (I think). Maybe some random stuff but not anything with any polish pictures 😛 And moving on to the polish. This bad boy needed quite a few layers to get full coverage. Its pretty sheer. So I think there is about 4-5 coats here and 1 top coat.

Its a gorgeous yellowish (with a hint of green) color 😀

Oh I cant wait to receive my new Barry M’s! Hope I get them soon so I can have swatches up in the weekend 🙂
Well TTYL, I am on twitter the next couple of days so come say hi 😉 and still remember you have a few days to enter the giveaway, it ends on sunday 🙂 I checked the spreadsheet today and I saw over 170 entries 😀 So overwhelming! 🙂

Check the post out here 😀


    1. I think maybe my feed is a bit broken.. cant seem to find out why 🙁 But glad you stopped by, always appreciate your comments <3

    1. I just discovered that both of them have been used for a swap 🙁 so only have Orly Lemonade left 🙁 but you can save click on the pictures to see them a bit bigger and compare them like that 🙂 Hope you can use that anyway 🙂

  1. hi there! yes no problem that will work! so you were not crazy for either of them I assume? thanks for everything you do! I became nailpolish addicted just a few months ago, change colours now every few days, and now that I let my nails “breathe” a few days my hands feel so naked and dull LOL!!!!

    1. I actually liked them both but I really wanted to give someone overthere in the US a chance to try some Barry M’s 🙂 I know what you mean, I hate having nakid nails 😛

  2. you’d think it’s true that lemon ice cream is a very warm rich yellow (which from the name you’d not expect..) and acid yellow is somewhat “poisonous”/chemical with slightly greenish sheen? I am debating between acid yellow and neon yellow with myself now 🙂

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