Orly Sec'N Dry Quick Deep-Dry vs. Seche Vite Dry Fast

This post will be in English 😀

Since I prefer Orly’s Sec’N Dry Quick Deep-Dry topcoat over Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat, I promised some lovely girls on twitter to make a comparison. So here it is and I hope you can use it 🙂

First up is some nail polish, this is Orly’s Snowcone

Then a little show of the brush

One of the main reasons that I don’t like Seche Vite is because the brush is a bit on the thick side and also the formula is really thick. And if you apply it at the wrong time it “shrinks” your manicure and I have tried once on a red polish, that it changed the color of it 😮

Where Orly’s brush is like all their other brushes and the formula is easy and light and can be applied almost immediately after putting polish on.

The first poke is the top one, after 1 min. and then downwards. And after poking on it with a fingernail every minute I can conclude that after 8 minutes and 47 seconds it’s completely dry and ready to go. I tested on the left side of the nail, but since it’s dry I doesn’t show anything 🙂 But already after a few(3-4) minutes it didn’t pick up on me putting my thumb on it.

To conclude.. they seem to dry just as fast both of them… so I think it comes down to whether you like the Seche formula or the Orly formula…. And I am an Orly kinda girl.. so sorry Seche 🙂 but I do like their Ridge filler and Rebuild though 🙂 Which is your favorite?


  1. I have both, however I do prefer Seche Vite over the Orly. I find that the Orly works great with Orly polish, but I don’t get that same high result I get with Seche Vite with all polishes. I also fancy China Glaze Fast Forward, it extremely comparable to Seche Vite.

  2. I have both of these topcoats. I like the Orly topcoat over Orly polishes, it really looks best that way. I love SV too. I cant do without it in my collection.

  3. I definitely prefer Seche Vite. I wear my manicures for at least 3 days. Due to my job being really tough on my nails I have gone through so many options and I have over 20 different top coats. Whether they are fast-drying or supposed to make a manicure last the one that always comes on top is the Seche Vite. It could also have something due to the humidity and heat in Houston. Out-the-Door would be second on my list.

    Unfortunately, this orly does not work well at all for me. :o(

  4. I have not tried Orly yet, but I do NOT prefer Seche on anything, I’ve had very bad results with it. I have done well with both ChG and CND Air Dry, but Out The Door never dries for me. Seche shrinks – and it’s too thick, too much trouble for me to maintain.

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