Wohoo I'm not old!

Well at least not old enough to not hear this teenager sound! The test will produce a tone that is generally only heard by people under the age of 25. It has been used as a deterrent device to keep teenagers from loitering in malls and shops, and sounds similar to a buzzing mosquito. The elderly and people with hearing damage often cannot hear the sound. Nice to know I am not that old 😛 Click on the box and get your youth back haha 😀

The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?

Hope you are having a nice day out there on the interwebs! 🙂

Orly @ Nailmail.se

Hi there! If you live in Scandinavia and you are just as crazy about nail polish as me, you can join a club, where polishes will be sent straight to your door every month! The polishes chosen are mostly brands that is not that easy to come about in Scandinavia and the prices are always reasonable and the customer service is great! So with out much further ado I present this months nailpolish from Nailmail.se which are from Orly. You can choose from the following collections:

I don’t know if you remember but I have tried some of these already. See these links for Sweet collection and Bloom collection. So I think I am getting some of those I need from the collections and going for Blushing Bud from Bloom and Cotton Candy from Sweet and then Iron Butterfly from the Metal Chic collection. You can also order some of Orly’s treatments, like Wont Chip, Bonder or any of the other they have. I can really recommend Sec’n Dry, I made a post here about it 🙂 And remember if you mention my customer no. which is 147 you can get 10% discount on your first month in this fabulous exclusive club for us Scandinavians 😉 Be sure to join head over to Nailmail.se and check for further details and prices  🙂

Mate a movie!

I’m sick so in random boredomness I fell over this site. It’s called Mate a movie and the concept is mate two or more movies, combined to make one much funnier movie. Think there are some great entries 😀 Maybe a bit overload on the Avatar side 😛 I still plan to do some polish stuff this week just waiting to feel a bit better and hoping to get some sun also.. This winter is beginning to be very annoying, slse I will have to get some old pictures out 🙁

Paradise Hotel 2010

Sorry for danish readers only 😛

Der er et par stykker der efterspurgt links til hvor man kan se Paradise Hotel sæson 6 gratis på nettet og indtil videre har jeg kun fundet det lagt på youtube.

Så det kan ses her, men hvis den kanal bliver slettet så prøv at søg på Paradise Hotel S6 E1-4 eller hvad for et afsnit du nu vil kigge 🙂 I øvrigt er det allerede en rocker fed sæson! Hende Amalie er da helt blank 😀

Edit* De ligger desværre ikke flere op/resten er slettet.  Så det eneste sted man kan se det online nu er vist viasatondemand.dk hvor man skal betale for det 🙁

Polish Bloggers Network: Lacquer Link Love 2/5/10

Naive Nails shows off her Mannequin Hands using OPI’s gorgeous shade Dulce de Leche. Trust me, these are not your typical mannequin hands!

Check out swatches of OPI Hong Kong’s Meet Me On A Star Ferry from polishSWATCHES and dare to fall in love with this shade.

Is Taupe Polish a Hit or Miss? Polished Beauty Blog weighs in on this whole “nude nail” obsession by giving her two-cents and asking for yours as well.

Travels with Euridice gives us a wonderful BB Couture comparison between Cap Haitian and OPI’s Do You Lilac it. I think that she may have found a dupe ladies, what do you think?!

Polish Freak is glad she changed her mind and went back to grab Essie’s Lilacism and now she’s sharing it with the world! Beautiful color.

Cucumpear gives a go at a Gradient Glitter Mannicure and it leaves me thinking of the cosmic and stars. You definitely have to check out this glittery manicure that will remind of the twinkling stars.

Mannicure Mammas has found a new love and it just so happens to be OPI’s Shim-Merry Chic. Have you seen it?

and now it’s time for the Network Giveaways announcement

Look who’s having a celebration party!!! Join in on all the fun by participating in 52 Flavors Blogaversary Giveaway.

Tuli’s Nails is hosting a romantic Valentine’s Day Giveaway on her site and if you haven’t had the chance to enter you really must do so. The goodies are extra sweet without the calories.

Can you name a dupe for this polish?! If so, leave your answer for your chance to win your choice of color from OPI’s Hong Kong collection.

and Polish Freak is having another China Glaze Up & Away giveaway in lieu of her reaching 200 followers.