Random pics from friday night

MJ Tribute
Take That Tribute
Madonna Tribute
Our waiter Daniel (all the waiters is part of the show)
Queen Tribute
They finished the show with my favorite song 😀

One of the host’s (really mad crazy man!)
All of the staff that performed and waited on us 😀
Amazing night and can only recommend it 😀

Wallmans Dinnershow

I took so many pictures than this, but due to the lighting in there almost all of them were really blurry 🙁

7. December

Det her er et syn jeg ser hver gang jeg kører på job.. Et kæmpe stort træ som har et slags stort net med lys over sig. Imponerende ser det ud. Men meget svært at fange på kamera. Det midterste billede var mit allerførste forsøg på at få et billede. Det er lige ved et lyskryds og der blev grønt lige da jeg skulle til at tage det. Så det blev et driveby 😛 Og det nederste hvor jeg kørte væk fra det. Så det blev også ret sløret.. lys er svært at tage billede af 🙁


This is a tree I drive by every time I go to work. It’s a giant tree that have some kind of light net over it. Its an impressive sight but very hard to capture on picture. The picture in the middle was my first attempt to take a picture of this. But since its right near a traffic light that turned green right about when I was gonna take the picture, it turned out like this 😛 And the bottom one is where I drove away from it. That got kinda blurry to.. Light is a hard thing to take a picture of 🙁