Happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday dear blog.. happy b-day dear bloooooog, happy bday.. blabla 😛 party

The blog is “1 year” today 🙂 The reason for the ” ” is that my blog actually is a lot older than that. I have had this URL since November 2005 with a blog on it and before that I had kolastram.dk which I got in 2003 and used it more like a homepage with all kinds of weird stuff on it 😛 Click on pictures for a closer view 😉

This design I had for a good while on my old blog 🙂 Still think this was a great header 😀

And then my blog was hacked, well I dont think it was my blog in particular that had done anything but more like a security breach in wordpress that was used. And then it all of the sudden looked like this on the frontpage and then I actually stopped blogging for a good while.

It wasn’t until last year I figured out I had a hobby that I could actually blog about 😛 So on March 7th I put up my first post. And that wasn’t nail related at all, that was a picture of a queue thingy at a pharmacy which made a heart with < and 3 😀 That’s how geeky I am 😛

Since the first post I have had a big increase in the visitors count because of the wonderful and kind network that there is between bloggers 🙂 and especially to mention the nail bloggers 🙂 I owe everyone that link to me huge hug <3

Some random stats:

More than 500 posts

33.000 unique visitors the last year

Over 1500 comments

Most used keyword search was for “Chanel 505”

106 countries has visited the site, 42%  was from Denmark, 24% from USA and rest is spread out over the world 🙂

The busiest day so far has been with 520 hits

So enough with the facts.. be sure to check back later today for the post on my birthday giveaway 😀 And thanks again all for reading. Biiiig hug and lots of <3 to you 😉

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21 thoughts on “Blog's 1st birthday!

  1. Oooh, that was neat about your stats! Did you have a good juicy polish post that day of your busiest day? I’d love to know!
    Happy “1 year”! I’ve been blogging for a while and had originally bought magicmaid.com a while back, intending to make it into a makeup blog, but never did, and then I bought the other two with the dashes! Hahaha.

    1. Heh it was the day of the Chanel – Particuliére post 😉 Well you can still do some makeup on your blog, I would say that makeup goes along with nail polish so I dont think it would be illegal 😛 OH and I would love if you started making youtube videos again I just love your laugh haha 😀

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