Canon EOS 1000D

Mit nye kamera! 😀

Depend nr 161 jeg fik i fødselsdags gave 🙂

Den kan ikke tage billeder ligeså tæt på som med mit gamle kamera, men så er det jo godt man kan klippe klistre lidt 😀 Undskylder soverynker på lakken…men den blev lagt umiddelbart inden seng uden dryfast toplak 🙁

I just picked up my birthday present from the boyfriend and here are some of the first pictures with it 😀 The Depend is a birthday present as well 🙂

Happy B-day…

to meee 🙂

I dag bliver jeg 25+ 😉 Og i aften skal jeg på Bakken og fejre det med dejligt selskab og god mad. Og i stedet for en lak i dag, så tænkte jeg at smide nogen billeder op af mine neglelakke. Der er blevet udvidet lidt siden min sidste post 😛 Hmm nå kan så ik lige finde den sidste post der…  anyways… videre til billederne 😛 Det ser måske ud af meget, men når de står op i skufferne så fylder de altså kun 3 i stedet for 5, dog mangler mine behandling/under/overlakke, dem har jeg en 15+ af. Har ikke lige talt dem for nylig men mener der er en 120-130 stykker i alt og jeg får 3 mere med posten i dag 😀 Så hvis du keder dig må du da gerne tælle dem 😛 Håber I har en dejlig dag og som I kan se er vejret jo forrygende, så igen i år har jeg været en meget artig pige(selvfølgelig) 😀 og tusind TAK fordi i læser med 🙂

I have been good girl, sun is shining and going out to celebrate it tonight 😀 Instead of a mani I am flashing my stash.. ;D Have a nice day!

Trip down memory lane….

Just looked through my CD collection this evening and this was some of them that’s really old 😛 almost 15 years 😀 This is all I have left of the music from my “youth” rest got stolen when I someone broke into my old apartment 🙁 Click to view CD’s full sized! Any songs you recognize? 😀

Stine søger lejlighed!

Sorry on danish only 🙂 I doubt any foreigners can help with an apartment in Århus, Denmark 😛

En af mine yndlingsbloggere Stine er gået hen og står i næsten samme situation som mig og min kæreste. Hun bliver hjem løs fra den 1 maj og det gør vi fra den 31 maj. Så en opfordring er hermed givet videre 🙂

Så hvis du kender du nogen, der udlejer en lejlighed i Århus C kontakt Stine. Læs mere her

New stuff :D

First this months “nailmail”. Since I didn’t order any of the Barrielle at, I took the chance to order some Hot Topic Polishes when Karin offered her blogreaders to order some of those 🙂 And then I bought some new books(a crimestory and a chicklit) and a recipe book… Erhm I don’t really cook, but when I do it on a rare occasion I have a few recipes. So I thought this was a good opportunity to start my own little collection 😀

And then I got some packages yesterday, first up the sunglasses! I love them both! So cool 😀

Other package was the shoes I ordered. The other pair in my order was unfortunately sold out 🙁 So I only got these ones.
But it’s okay… 😛

And that’s the last new stuff I am going to buy in a long time. Tomorrow we are going to the bank to see if we can borrow a bunch of money to buy a house.. so cross your fingers out there 😉 Sorry if this post looks messed up in your reader/e-mail. Couldn’t get the pictures where I wanted them 🙁 Thanks for reading/looking 😀 Hope you all have a nice day 🙂

Tagged: 7 facts and 10 things that makes me happy x 2

Sorry if I am bit of a slow poke to do these. But I always have such a hard time figuring out what to write, so guess the motivation isn’t always there to do them. But I do appreciate them a lot <3

First up is a Danish award that’s been floating around a bit that I will give on to some danish and foreign blogs 😉

  • Kopiere awarden ind på sin blog / Copy the award on the blog
  • Linke til personen som har givet awarden / Link to the person that gave you the award
  • Skrive 7 interessante facts om en selv / Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Vælge 7 blogs du gerne vil give awarden videre til, inklusive personen du har fået awarden fra. / Choose 7 blogs you that you want to pass this award on to, including the one who gave you the award

So 7 facts coming up (maybe a bit to enthusiastic, already stuck at number 2)

1. I wear contact lenses and I am really nearsigthed, so have to put stuff really close in front of my face if you want me to see what it is, if I am not wearing lenses of course 😛
2. I wear a size 42/9 in shoes.
3. I don’t like cucumbers
4. I have a tongue piercing
5. I was finished with my 10 things happy tag before this fact list 😛 that’s how much I suck at finding facts about my self.. haha
6. I hate answering machines
7. Only school I have gone to is the normal school, up to 9th grade, in the 10th grade I got kicked half way through the year 🙁

And then the 10 things that makes me happy 😀 I was tagged by the lovely Glidedangel from Naive Nails and the lovely Nicole from Magic Maid. Thanks girls! ;D
Rules for this one is post 10 things that makes you happy and try to do at least one of them today. Link back to the person who gave you the tag and then you tag up to 10 other people

1. My boyfriend.
Waking up besides him almost everyday is great and I love him and I wouldn’t want to be without him. We are about to find out if we can get a house together, so doing this with him makes me just more crazy about him ;D
2. My family.
I love my family, I don’t get so see them that often and I have a really small family so I enjoy the times we have together 🙂
3. My friends.
I have very few close friends that unfortunately not live that close by so don’t get to see them as often either.
4. Nail Polish
If you had asked me a couple of years ago, the next item on the list would have been number 4, but now nail polish is here. When my mother discovered my huge passion for nail polish, she said that it must be some kind of therapy for me, sitting organizing and painting the nails. And I guess she is right. I really just relax when I sit and do this.. and its so nice to have found a whole new world online with all you friendly bloggers out there, makes it worth every second I spend on my own and all of your guys blogs 🙂
5. Online games, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike etc.
Before my nail addiction really kicked in I spent all my free time playing(well I still do but not as much) different online games
6. Blogs
I really love to read blogs, lately though I had to cut a lot of my subscriptions off because I was overwhelmed with new stuff in the reader every time I opened it. Had like 1000 new feeds to read everyday and it just was to many. So I am sorry if I disappeared as a reader at your blog, nothing personal just had to remove my self from some. I did a big clean the other day and removed over a 100 blogs, but still have around 300 left. This is also why I haven’t made comments for a while, I couldn’t manage to do anything other than just read and looks at pictures :/
6. Reading books
I enjoy reading crime stories and chick-lit.
7. Movies
Comedy and action films are my preferred genre
8. TV-shows
Currently obsessed with Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Americas Next Top Model and starting to watch a bit of House again.
9. My slippers!
No need for explanation here I think 😛
10. Coca Cola
Sigh.. I am addicted to this drink and if I could I would drink it all day long.. luckily I don’t 😛 that stuff isn’t healthy 🙁

And now for the people I would like to tag. First up is the one who gave me the 7 facts tag and that is Echos and now I tag her with the 10 things tag 🙂 Such a sweet girl with some great stuff on her blog and have been really patient when I helped her get her domain 😛

Next up is another danish blogger girl Anja. That blogs about everything in her life from her studies, training, food she makes to playing Sims. Love to follow her life in Aalborg 🙂

Would love to tag Nicholaine as well, she really writes inspiring stuff and it comes straight from the heart. I love having a sneak peak in her life on her blog.

I love Jellynat’s blog which is written by Nathalie. She is really sweet and have some great posts on her blog, so I hereby tag her 🙂

A really sweet and inspiring girl is Sasha who has Nihrida’s Blog and I love that she says her has her own opinion about stuff and isn’t afraid to stand up for it! And that sometimes takes some guts so I really admire her and her creative talents 🙂

Then I tag Euridice who has Travels with Euridice, I am not sure if that’s her name or what.. but its sure special 🙂 She have some really great pictures and I enjoy reading her blog 🙂

And last but not least(sticking to 7 people to tag, because I don’t know who have done it and who hasn’t) I am tagging Karin from Vacker & Underbar and she also has I am so amazed over her private blog with her beautiful make-up pictures and that she has the courage and strength to open up her own “nailshop” 😀  I love that she is giving us Scandinavians a opportunity to get such beautiful nail polishes ;D

So I have hereby pass on the 7 facts and 10 things that make you happy 🙂 Thanks for reading/looking/commenting 🙂 And of course when you girls do this tag you just write in the language you normally do on your blog 😉

Trying again..

my last ballerina shoe-buy turned out to not be as good as I had hoped… I can fit the shoes yes.. But I doubt I can walk in them since I think they will bend kinda weird.. eh well cant explain it 😛  Anyways now I found a UK site that have a correct size. So this time better be the last 😛 Oh and btw. if you wanna buy those shoes from the last ballerina shopping spree please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 I have only tried them, never walked in them 🙂

I bought these at

Vote for me :D

Our lovely Polish Blogger’s Network is having a nailart competition and I entered with this mani 😀

I don’t think I really stand a chance compared to the others, but if you like it just a teeny bit go vote for me 😀
My entry is number 14 and on the list it says Maria / Polishing the nails, I have 1 vote so far, so I am way behind 😛


Birthday Giveaway! *CLOSED*

I am so exited to finally having my next giveaway and the blog’s birthday cant be a better occasion 😀

So what I am giving away… I guess most of you are interested in that 😛

1 winner will receive all these lovely polishes 😀

So fill out the form below and you will be entered 🙂 Remember to read the rules, just ask if you have any questions and please write me if I have forgotten anything 😛 Pictures in this post are free to be used if you want to blog about the giveaway 🙂

Giveaway will end the 21st of March at midnight. so this means CET +1 😉 And you have 2 weeks to get your entries in.
Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enters 😀


Blog's 1st birthday!

Happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday dear blog.. happy b-day dear bloooooog, happy bday.. blabla 😛 party

The blog is “1 year” today 🙂 The reason for the ” ” is that my blog actually is a lot older than that. I have had this URL since November 2005 with a blog on it and before that I had which I got in 2003 and used it more like a homepage with all kinds of weird stuff on it 😛 Click on pictures for a closer view 😉

This design I had for a good while on my old blog 🙂 Still think this was a great header 😀

And then my blog was hacked, well I dont think it was my blog in particular that had done anything but more like a security breach in wordpress that was used. And then it all of the sudden looked like this on the frontpage and then I actually stopped blogging for a good while.

It wasn’t until last year I figured out I had a hobby that I could actually blog about 😛 So on March 7th I put up my first post. And that wasn’t nail related at all, that was a picture of a queue thingy at a pharmacy which made a heart with < and 3 😀 That’s how geeky I am 😛

Since the first post I have had a big increase in the visitors count because of the wonderful and kind network that there is between bloggers 🙂 and especially to mention the nail bloggers 🙂 I owe everyone that link to me huge hug <3

Some random stats:

More than 500 posts

33.000 unique visitors the last year

Over 1500 comments

Most used keyword search was for “Chanel 505”

106 countries has visited the site, 42%  was from Denmark, 24% from USA and rest is spread out over the world 🙂

The busiest day so far has been with 520 hits

So enough with the facts.. be sure to check back later today for the post on my birthday giveaway 😀 And thanks again all for reading. Biiiig hug and lots of <3 to you 😉