Birthday Giveaway! *CLOSED*

I am so exited to finally having my next giveaway and the blog’s birthday cant be a better occasion 😀

So what I am giving away… I guess most of you are interested in that 😛

1 winner will receive all these lovely polishes 😀

So fill out the form below and you will be entered 🙂 Remember to read the rules, just ask if you have any questions and please write me if I have forgotten anything 😛 Pictures in this post are free to be used if you want to blog about the giveaway 🙂

Giveaway will end the 21st of March at midnight. so this means CET +1 😉 And you have 2 weeks to get your entries in.
Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enters 😀


Blog's 1st birthday!

Happy birthday dear blog, happy birthday dear blog.. happy b-day dear bloooooog, happy bday.. blabla 😛 party

The blog is “1 year” today 🙂 The reason for the ” ” is that my blog actually is a lot older than that. I have had this URL since November 2005 with a blog on it and before that I had which I got in 2003 and used it more like a homepage with all kinds of weird stuff on it 😛 Click on pictures for a closer view 😉

This design I had for a good while on my old blog 🙂 Still think this was a great header 😀

And then my blog was hacked, well I dont think it was my blog in particular that had done anything but more like a security breach in wordpress that was used. And then it all of the sudden looked like this on the frontpage and then I actually stopped blogging for a good while.

It wasn’t until last year I figured out I had a hobby that I could actually blog about 😛 So on March 7th I put up my first post. And that wasn’t nail related at all, that was a picture of a queue thingy at a pharmacy which made a heart with < and 3 😀 That’s how geeky I am 😛

Since the first post I have had a big increase in the visitors count because of the wonderful and kind network that there is between bloggers 🙂 and especially to mention the nail bloggers 🙂 I owe everyone that link to me huge hug <3

Some random stats:

More than 500 posts

33.000 unique visitors the last year

Over 1500 comments

Most used keyword search was for “Chanel 505”

106 countries has visited the site, 42%  was from Denmark, 24% from USA and rest is spread out over the world 🙂

The busiest day so far has been with 520 hits

So enough with the facts.. be sure to check back later today for the post on my birthday giveaway 😀 And thanks again all for reading. Biiiig hug and lots of <3 to you 😉

Wohoo I'm not old!

Well at least not old enough to not hear this teenager sound! The test will produce a tone that is generally only heard by people under the age of 25. It has been used as a deterrent device to keep teenagers from loitering in malls and shops, and sounds similar to a buzzing mosquito. The elderly and people with hearing damage often cannot hear the sound. Nice to know I am not that old 😛 Click on the box and get your youth back haha 😀

The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?

Hope you are having a nice day out there on the interwebs! 🙂

China Glaze – LOL

I have been sick, hence the silence here. Most of you would probably have guessed this from reading my last post. I am doing pretty fine now and had time to do a mani Friday before going out with my work. As you can see on the bottom picture this is a holo when the light hits it and a when there’s non on it, its just a gorgeous purple 😀 Sorry about the messy cuticles, tried to brush it up a bit. And in other news I found some more stuff for my blogs birthday giveaway, so be sure to check back soon 😀

I just remembered..

the blog’s 1st anniversary is coming up, so why wait with a giveaway until I reach 200 followers when I can celebrate this instead? 😀 So I have a few weeks to think about some giveaway/contest rules 🙂

And on another note I am sorry for my silence this week, I have been sick and actually still am, but at least I am at work today, so I hope I will be feeling fine before tomorrow where I have a lot more to do here :s Oh and I am sorry about not responding that much to comments and mails, I will catch up during the week 🙂

Think this might be a very accurate picture of how I feel at the moment 😛 Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday 😀

Oh noes!

I sinned! I shopped! But only for some necessities! I was out of mascara and at the pharmacy I saw this cuticle creme so had to get it, cause of the extra dry skin right now. And for the polishes… its not even for me! Its for you! Someone out there can win this. I plan on doing a giveaway when I reach 200 followers here on the blog 🙂 So if any of you are reading here, but haven’t signed up through the Google Friend connect thingy in the side, now is a great time for doing just so 🙂

I made the picture black and white on purpose so the colors of the polishes would be a surprise for when I announce the giveaway 😛 And of course since I can see most of you like creme polishes I got just the opposite ;D Nah I think you will like these 😀

Thank you for reading 🙂

NOTD / China Glaze – Anklets of Amethyst(st)

This is weird.. a spelling error… hmm…
When I removed this label a more recognizable China Glaze label was underneath, but it’s odd that this one was on top.. Anyone seen this before?

Anyways on to the swatching :p this is a purple shimmering/glittering color. I tried getting a close up picture to show it, but again with no sun out and with a normal lamp its even harder to capture. So hope this will do it for you. I have about 4½-5 coats on here. Its a really sheer polish but it was easy to apply 🙂

Reason for my afk’ness these last few days is my internet is not working very well. So its a pain even to browse any websites 🙁 So I don’t know if I will be able to do any more updates before my ISP have fixed the problem. So hope you can understand why there is so little/none updates 🙂 I try to go on my mail and twitter, but still working so slow so have given up on trying to respond to messages or emails.

Status on the 1st week of my no buy

Since the 26th I have been on a no buy, so its a week and 1 day of no shopping. And must say its been really easy. Lots of times I have seen something and was about to click me on to the website or webshop. But then I just thought.. hm do I really need that color/t-shirt/bag? And closed down the window again. So there haven’t been that OMG I MUST HAVE feeling over anything yet. But I am definitely sure it will come. A lot of new collections is coming out now and there will be some of them I am just gonna have the urge to get. I had a strange feeling though.. looking at some of the new stuff thats out now.. None of them have really blown me away. I was sitting looking at the new OPI Hong Kong collection and I was not really feeling any of the colors like I need it 🙁 Could I be at a point where I don’t need any more colors? Is that possible? I mean I don’t have a big collection or anything, but I saw on someones blog lined up 6 almost identically colored greens and thought do I really need that? Could I be fed up at the moment with polishes? I didn’t think that it would be something I could think.. but well to look at the bright side.. this will make my no buy a lot easier. 🙂

Going home from work in the snow last night.. Truck that’s stuck and cant turn right uphill, ended up going around it

This road is usually all cleared of snow because its a big road with heavy traffic. But not this evening 🙁 Oh and the heavy traffic is always over when I get off work 😉 Yay for working 12 hour shifts 😛

Hope I haven’t offended anyone that have 6 identically green colored polishes or any other colors for that matter 😛
Have a nice evening and thanks for reading 🙂

Show me your bedside table!

With inspiration from the lovely Kia on I thought I wanted to show what was on mine and not just write it in a comment 😉 So here you go!

I have some anti cold stuff, cause I had a soar throat and running nose recently. Including a cool Kleenex holder thingy I bought real cheap a couple of years ago. Then a lot of books. I am in to the mysteries and chick books. Like shopaholic and such (hated the movie btw!)  Some body lotion, I often go straight from the bath into the bed again and wrapping myself completely in with towels and then under the sheets till I am dry. So I put the body lotion on in here 😀 And then I have my jewelry box(black thing bottom right) and some magazines. And in the back I can spot some stuffed animals that’s been tucked away.. on purpose 😛 I usually read when I go to bed, but because my boyfriend cant sleep with the lights on (whats up with that?? :P) I have to put the book away when he comes to bed, but I read to the next chapter before putt the book away. And then he wants to be all serious and read to.. haha and then he takes out a children’s book one of his friends gave him for a fun birthday present a couple of years ago. The title is on English: Story Of The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business
But on danish its a totally different title.. roughly translated its called: The mole who wanted to know who pooped on his head… So I couldn’t really take him that serious with a mole with a poop on his head in the background! 😛

Anyone who reads this can consider them selves tagged! Could be interesting haha ;D And if you do make it link back so I can read it 🙂

No more new stuff….

I just made a decision. I am not going to buy any more new nail polishes until I have saved up for buying a Speedy 30 or 35 from Louis Vuitton ! Haven’t decided which one yet 🙁 Think I wont do that until I am ready to actually buy it. So in the future I will have to make do with the polishes I have already. So will try to be as creative as I can.. And still have to crack that Konad code 😛 Tried it a bit last week but I was really really bad at it. So I gave up 😛 On another note would like to welcome the new readers to my little world of polish. Hope you will stick around despite me not getting any of the new collections 🙂 I think it was amazing when I had 10 readers and now I have 160 😀 So welcome

And for your viewing pleasure a sheep ;D

Pictures found on Le Google