The blog got a new name baby!

So I finally decided on another name for the blog. The other one was never intended to stay on that long, but yeah well, time go by so quickly.

I decided the name fairly easily when I thought it should be something related to CSGO, since some things are said more often than others, one of them is Clutch or kick 😉

And I highly doubt that anyone who drops by here wont know what the blogs about, just by reading the title.

So I think you also guessed the focus will be more on CSGO here now than other games. Mostly because its the only thing I am playing right now. Oh well the occasionally HS is still going on, but my logins to battle net is becoming more rare, so I think the main focus here should be on CSGO.


My love for the game grows each time I play. I really cant explain why, but are if you are playing it, you should know what I mean.

I don’t really know why I love it so much, since I am not really that good. I am reaching 500 hours played soon and I am still stuck on the Legendary Eagle Master rank, which I think is not that good. I am aiming on becoming Supreme, maybe at one time even Global Elite, but every time I take a short break from the game, I feel like being pushed back to square one and I aim and hit like shit.

I know that ranks isn’t everything, but its what make me strive to get better. So I guess its a good thing they are there.

Anyways just an update about the name, so you would know why its suddenly changed 😉

Happy friday fraggers!

OMFG Steelseries Rival Fade is here!!

So fun that they made it just like when you open a case in CSGO! The fact that they made it with a Rival is just more win! I love my Rival, but a cool skin like this would just make it perfect! 😀


Steelseries Rival Fade 300

This is definitely going on my wishlist along with the Steelseries Siberia Raw! I would really like the Steelseries H Wireless, but I dont like the leather around the ears, so the only headset left with fabric is the Siberia Raw.

I love my Steelseries 5H v2, mainly because of the fabric on the ears, so I am bit sad they dont offer more with that :(

You can check out the new Rival Fade 300 on

Dreamhack Open London Funny Moments

This weekend had some great counter strike at DreamHack Open in London, but some of the funniest moments was at the desk. Here is a compilation of it 😀

I really enjoyed the banter and loose atmosphere they created. I mostly never listen to this during events, but glad I did this time! Thumbs up for these great and entertaining bunch of people 😀

Too many cards – #Hearthstone

Hearthstone_Screenshot_11.4.2014.02.33.11I play Hearthstone pretty regularly. This meaning I usually login and play to level 20 so I get the cardback next month. But sometimes I of course play more than that. Last month I finished on rank 14, so while its not good, its not that bad either.

The only problem I have with the game is there are just too many cards to choose from. Its hard to figure out whats working on my own. So if I finally do decide to ladder, its mostly with a zoo deck, that have slight modifications so its updated to GvG and someone else put it together. Usually Trump or Forsen. So I am guessing unless there will be some new insane deck, I will probably still stick to that after The Grand Tournament is released.

Just looking at the new cards list and I have no idea on what to choose from or what should go in a deck and what should not? I wonder how the pros do it? :)

I know this is a free game so I shouldn’t complain, but I cant help but think that with the amount of cards coming out, we will have soooo many cards to choose between in just a few years. I don’t see this game as something that will become less popular. So if they keep developing the game, they will come up with new content = new cards.

I know we are dealing with Blizzard here, the masters of expansions, but I think we have to be realistic, so many cards will be obsolete and I think this is really a shame, because the more cards that are added the less friendly it is to new players. And thats one of the things I love most about Hearthstone, its so simple!

I cant really imagine where Hearthstone will be in a few years, maybe the game has developed into a whole other game than what we see today, one can only guess.

What do you think about the new expansion and all the cards? Is it just me that feels this way?

World of Warcraft Legion announced!

I haven’t played WoW for nearly a year soon. The main reason being it was the same everyday after a while. All people that plays WoW knows that feeling. So I am not really keeping myself up to date about whats sturring in the WoW community.

But I couldn’t help but notice that they have announced another expansion. And here I thought that the last one, was the last one. I guessed they were busy making Overwatch stuff, but the WoW staff got bored and started whipping up a new batch of adventures for us 😉


So whats to expect World of Warcraft Legion?

Level cap is raised to 110. Not a very big surprise to anyone there.

New continent: The Broken Isles. Not any surprise here either.

New class: Demonhunter. A somewhat surprise, nice to see a new class!

Artifacts: customizable weapons that grow in power as you do. Well this sound very cool. It will be a nice thing instead of the transmorg, which I have never really been a fan of :)

Class-specific Order Halls and followers. So that must be something new in our Garrisons?

New dungeons and raids and of course new world bosses.

Also the PVP progression system has been revamped, improved transmogrification system and social features.

And a little character boost to instant level 100.

I am guessing if its to follow the release of the other expansions it will be out in December 2016. Since Cataclysm was announced in August 2009, it didn’t come out until December 2010. So we have a long wait in front of us before we see any of this. But then I also have a good long time to decide whether to buy it or not. Probably ending up getting it, like I have gotten all the previous expansions as well 😉

Judging from the cinematics and all the other goodies they have shown us, it really reminds me a lot of the Burning Legion, which I loved, so that is a big pro on the list for concidering to play.

If you wanna see more on the official site, you can check it out right here World of Warcraft Legion and before you go check out the trailer. They are always nice! 😀

Are you looking forward to it? 😀

#CSGO Ranks explained

Found this on reddit today. Pretty fucking acurate if I have to say so 😀

Silver 1 – No keyboard, no mouse, gamesense of a chimpanzee. You have to actually TRY to be this bad.

Silver 2 – If flashed: panic and throw all your nades! Buy the most expensive gun you can and never eco. Reaction time of a walrus.

Silver 3 – Run n’ Gun rank. P90 and Autosnipers. Never stop moving. Throw your flashbangs when all enemies have died. What’s head armor?

Silver 4 – Players here begin to notice a small circle which seems to rotate as they rotate on their screen. Disregarded until Silver Elite. M4A4 begins to be used here. Running and gunning is still very common.

Silver Elite – Attempt to copy pro player lives with minimal success. Players here now sometimes stop before firing, however are also easily startled. The sound of a Negev reverts them back to their Silver 2 Stage.

Silver Elite Master – ‘I’m basically Gold Nova 1, but my teammates are holding me back’. Begin to learn intricate callouts at this rank. More usage of the Minimap here.

Gold Nova 1 – Euphoric Explosion Rank. Players here begin to think they’re hot shit. Many players here have the aim of a soggy potato salad, but the gamesense of a mutilated cheese burger.

Gold Nova 2 – Players here begin to brag to their friends in school they finally reached the rank of two star General in a bomb planting game. Friends are unimpressed. Slightly higher usage of the minimap, begin to learn smokes, Kenny_S is the name of the guy who picks up the sniper rifle.

Gold Nova 3 – Super intense about csgo. Breaks down into tears when demoted back to Gold Nova 2, has a party when they get their extra star. Reaction time of shampoo.

Gold Nova Master – THE AK IS ALMOST MINE. Friendships are destroyed here. Betrayal, cheating, and hardships come with getting out of this rank. As if getting the AK will make them any better.

Master Guardian 1 – King of the Noobs. You are finally almost Average in terms of skilled csgo players. You know what a smoke is, and how to use a flashbang. You have slight PTSD when someone on your team buys a negev and rushed into A site.

Master Guardian 2 – EVERYONE IS HACKING

Master Guardian Elite – Basically a mix of people who know what they’re doing, and people who own a shitbucket. You are now Average, in terms of skilled CS. WELCOME TO CEVO PUGS!

Distinguished Master Guardian – You can taste the feathers on your tongue. The eagle is near. Some how nothing will let you leave this rank. The star is forever. Forever. Forever….

Legendary Eagle – You know how that Macklemore guy walks down the street with this pimp jacket in the thrift shop song? That’s you. You feel top of the world, but realize that there are others who could easily destroy you. Reaction time of a startled Teenage girl. Moral level: 0. Or basically this[1]

Legendary Eagle Master – Carried to this rank, or the most fucking impossible and diffcult rank to leave in the history of counter strike. You know every smoke, every flash, and have downloaded countless apps to help you with your smokes and flashes. You are a library of CSGO information and play this game, and only this game. The last time you saw light from the outside was when you forgot to close your blackout blinds, and suffered second degree burns.

Supreme Master First Class – ‘ALL those syllables and you still don’t know what the smoke for vents from truck on Cache is!’ -Your Gold Nova 2 friend. Seasoned player, has played with nearly every type of Toxic individual CSGO has to offer.

The Global Elite – You make up 0.5% of the CSGO community. You are the rank everyone wishes to be. Yet still, when you join an ESEA match you come back with 1 Rws and complain that your team didn’t try.