Hello to you and welcome to my new blog

I decided to create a gaming blog, since I have recently rediscovered my love for gaming again. Well it hadn’t really ever disappeared, but with getting a child and all, there wasn’t time for that. He is older now and the time has come back. So with that I started playing World of Warcraft again, but that stopped when I jumped on the Counter Strike Global Offensive wagon. Later I also started streaming, which I have been doing for a month or so now. And I love it!

But its not easy starting to stream, admittedly its easier when you are a girl, but when you don’t wanna just show boobs, its a bit harder 😉 But I have been enjoying streaming so far and the interacting with the people that do decide to pop by when I am gaming. So I am really hoping that I can keep that going.

A little about me

I am 32, live in Denmark. With my husband and 3 year old son in a house we bought last year. My name is Maria, my nick is rijaH and its pronounced Ria :)

I have been gaming since 99, various games, but I have mostly been sticking to FPS and MMORPG. So the first couple of years was Counter Strike 1.5, then 1.6 and then I fell into the World of Warcraft universe. Where I also happened to stumble upon my future husband. So luckily, we are both gamers and we dont moan about how much the other plays 😉 Thank god!

Later on I also played Battlefield 2 and 3, some Left 4 Dead. Then took a break when I got pregnant and when I got back to gaming it was Hearthstone and WoW for a couple of months and then I started on CS:GO mixed with some HS. So I am an oldschool gril, which my steam account also confirms. 11 years and counting :)

I work with IT-support and shortly after I started that job, where I have been for almost 7 years, I also started a nail polish blog. Which turned into a beauty blog. That interest is still hanging on, but I can feel that the more I play and stream, the less I wanna sit around and paint my nails and take pictures of that. So that is also one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog, because I do love writing and I still wanna do some form of blogging. After 6 years of blogging it has become a part of my everyday life and I think I would miss it too much. So rather than just going cold turkey, I decided to give a gaming blog a try. I have no idea if there even is an audience for it or its just newssites and reddit we all use nowadays. So I hope I someone will enjoy reading along here and also give some feedback :)

So what will be here on this blog?

News I find interesting to share, funny clips from YouTube, gifs, highlights from my stream and other random gaming related stuff :)

Welcome again and hope you will stick around 😀

PS. I love smileys pls dont judge 😛