This might be a no brainer…

but.. who knows maybe it will be another one than the obvious favorite will win.. 😛
Next NOTD contestants are all from Essie and there’s a little preview here
Thanks for watching and be sure to vote in the sidebar ->

NOTD // China Glaze – Medallion

The winner from the NOTD vote was this one. Think this is my one and only China Glaze that I’m not absolutely in love with. Don’t think gold glitters goes that well with my skin tone. And its hard to take a picture of. But all of that aside I think it’s very pretty and it’s suiting for this time of the year. And in reference to the name as my last post said, it should be BLING BLING 😉 Thanks for watching and voting, the next NOTD vote will be up shortly 😀

Poll is closed!

And the winner is Medallion! So that is whats coming up next! 🙂 Thanks again to all who voted! So nice to have you guys involved in which NOTD I should do! 😀 And welcome to my new readers 🙂

New NOTD vote is up!

This time I have expanded to 3 polishes just to so there’s a one extra choice 🙂 Click the picture to see the bigger version of these lovely polishes 😀 They are all 3 from China Glaze: Bad Kitty, Medallion and Adore. Let the voting begin! 🙂

Results are in!

Close race up until the last minutes! But the winner by 1 vote is QT!
I will be putting pictures of this up tomorrow! Thanks again all for voting! Cant wait to get the next vote up 🙂

Clash of the titans.. or well almost!

Next NOTD poll is upon us! This time it will be a battle between two China Glaze colors. First is Strawberry Fields which is a nice pink color with some gold shimmer in it. Very nice, I already had a sneak peak of it on one nail 😛 Second is QT which one of the polishes part of the CG OMG collection, that only have holo colors in it, which mean its FANTASTIC ;D and WE like 😛 So click the picture and take a closer look on these amazing colors and vote in the sidebar on the one you like the most and want to take a closer look at :))

And the winner is…

So guess that Mint Green have beaten Mulberry Pink big time! 😛 Be sure to check in later today for a view of that beauty 🙂 And of course I will be setting up my next vote.. I’m sure that we are gonna see some China Glaze there 🙂 Thanks again all for voting this is so much more fun than just me choosing the color that I’m in the mood for 😛

Next NOTD…

Well it cant come as a surprise to anyone that I have alot of Barry M polishes.
So the next NOTD is a fight between these two lovely colors 🙂
Oh and of course you vote in the side bar 😀

First poll up!! ;D

First two up for the vote is
Nubar Isis Purple vs. Funky Opal

I thought I would make this vote so I wont show how they look but only write the name, well the name indicates the color a bit so it shouldn’t be that hard to guess.. So for those not knowing anything about the color it would be a surprise ;D So vote vote vote in the sidebar ;D Will run untill Sunday night because I have work all weekend so I will be able to do the mani Monday night on my last nightshift and I will put it up on the site Tuesday sometime when i wake up 😉

Edit: sry about the poll.. but blogger wont let me change color on it 🙁 have to fix this someway