Giveaway Winners!

So i fiddled around with choosing some winners to night..
Guess you would like to know who won then? ;D

So my mind was so creative that i wrote down the names on all the people who entered and stacked them, ready to be crumbled up and going in to my box below. (Its homemade btw, decoupage :D)

Let the crumbling begin…..

And then we shake it up and down….

And I picked the first winner…. Nelly won SIlver Cascade! Yay

Then some more crumbling….

And then I picked… Lucy Yay 😀 She won Violet Gold Shimmer

Then some more crumbles 😀

And then for the last.. I decided to let it be the last man(woman) standing… and after having uncrumbled all the entries… Guess who was left….

Yep Painted Lady Fingers won the most popular Aqua Green Yay 😀

So here are all the winners

Nelly from
and Lucy and Painted Lady Fingers

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, if i could I would give you all a polish, but I cant : (( But this was so much fun to have a giveaway. Sorry for my slacking with the winner announcement but I had some work the last couple of days. I will defently be having a giveaway again in the near future 🙂 If the lovely winners would like to send me their address on e-mail then I can hopefully get them shipped on monday or tuesday 🙂 Much loooove to all of you ;D

If I dont hear from the winners before the 10th of october I will choose a new winner. 🙂


  1. My hear jumoed when I saw "Nelly". Uh oh shame it wasnt me. Have a give away soonish! Maybe people should sent picws of their creative nails.

  2. Nelly it is you! I linked to your page when you click the name :))
    So send me you address girl ;D

    Yeah its a shame i couldnt pick all of you as winners 🙁 But thanks for entering 🙂

  3. Woooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! IS it really me! I love the silver cascade! Oh now I see it says "Nelly WON silver cascade" Thought it was "Nelly VON silver cascade" hhh… oh I had a long friday night behind me before reading this.

    Thank you for this amazing gift!

    Will link to your profile asap.

  4. I am so very excited! Thank you so much! I will certainly do a special manicure for you all. xoxo!

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