Its in the air…

I could allready smell it when i saw the package 🙁
And right after i took these pictures i knocked my bottle with nail polish remover down over my self so i was soaked with that… 🙁 and the most sad part is that its the color i was most exited about Anaka… *cry*

Hopefully Karin from can send me a new one with my opi’s… and I just got an email from her that she will get a new one to me with the opi’s… SO MUCH LOVE TO KARIN ?

And sorry guys i dont have time to choose winners of my giveaway tonight I’m to tired atm to do anything else than eat and then go to bed 🙁

Its ironic to remove nailpolish of a nailpolish bottle with nailpolish remover…. and a bit weird… :/

And this is how 3 cleaned Zoyas look like.. 😀


  1. Oh no! I hope that you can get a new one! Nail polish spills are so hard to clean up too, I'm sorry!

  2. I hate to have to clean up polish. I usually spill it on my bedroom bureau. So then I thake the finish off of it. I used to have a beautiful mahogany bedset that was my parents. After my Father died my Mother didn't want to sleep in the same bed. We switched bedroom sets. I loved it, their was the bed of course, a large triple dresser, a highboy (I think that's what it's called) and a vanity. The vanity was like a large desk with a mirror. I always did my makeup, my nails and everything there. Well within a month I ruined the finish on the top from spilling polish remover and nail polish. I like to really go all the way. My Mother was not to happy with me! I'm so clumsy with the stuff.

  3. Oh what a shame with the vanity Lucy :(( Mahogany is such a gorgeous color 🙁 Im such a cluts to.. Today i didnt close a coke bottle properly so i spilled about half of a liter in my handbag and it soaked through the carseat :((( Ow well so much bad luck can only mean good luck… sometime… soon.. i hope 🙂

  4. oh on… it looks like a murder scene 🙁 I'm glad that you're getting a new one. must have been a nightmare to clean up all this mess…

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