Trying again..

my last ballerina shoe-buy turned out to not be as good as I had hoped… I can fit the shoes yes.. But I doubt I can walk in them since I think they will bend kinda weird.. eh well cant explain it 😛  Anyways now I found a UK site that have a correct size. So this time better be the last 😛 Oh and btw. if you wanna buy those shoes from the last ballerina shopping spree please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 I have only tried them, never walked in them 🙂

I bought these at


  1. I have a pair similar to the studded ones. (big shock huh)
    I love ballet flats but it’s so hard to find a pair that is both cute and comfy!

    1. Yeah and I have a pretty big and wide foot so that makes it even harder 🙁 I got a mail that they didn’t send me the studded ones, because they were sold out.. darn it 🙁

  2. Those are both really cute. Its hard to find a good pair of cute and comfy flats. And finding black comfy heels you can walk in just about impossible, well at least for me it is.

    1. Same for me.. I dont wear heels because I am so tall already and have a big foot its even more impossible. So if I find some in the correct size I tend to buy those again and again.. 🙁

  3. Mine yndlings ballariner er fra Ebay til 5£ og i ægte læder. De holder bare så godt, og de er plain som de første 🙂

    1. Du må da lige smide et link så.. Kunne være lidt nemmere(billigere) med så nogen ;D Jeg har jo en ret stor fod så er svært at finde nogen i den størrelse, 41-42ish.

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