Barry M – Lemon Ice Cream

Hmm this one doesn’t really do anything for me.. I don’t think I am yellow colored kinda girl.. and it needed a lot of coats before it wasn’t sheer anymore. So this will go into a pretty swap pile I think 😛 The pictures also makes it look a lot less pastel then it really is.. So this picture is not as accurate as I had hoped 🙁 The bottle color is more the color it has irl 🙂


  1. Yellows can be such a pain, but I do like the colour. Pale girls like us will always have trouble pulling yellow off in theory, but I find that worn with confidence any colour can suit anyone.

    1. Definitely.. just think I have some bad memories with the color yellow from when I was a child and had to wear yellow clothes 😛 maybe why I tend to avoid it haha ;D

  2. Jeg havde håbet på den var lidt mere “mild” i det. Det er lidt svært at forklare, men jeg ender jo nok med at købe den alligevel! 😀

    1. Ellers så må du sgu købe min ;D Så kan vi nok også fikse en deal så den er lidt billigere nu den er lidt brugt 😛

  3. hi, your picture is very accurate – I wish I’d seen this before buying. The barry m picture looked like a TRUE pastel yellow :(( (and pastel blue, for the blueberry ice cream). the only real pastel ones are the rose and lavender colours..
    does anyone know of TRUE pastel yellows and blues, maybe the Illamasqua ones? they are expensive though, so I would like to be sure!

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