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Holy ****… am i the only one not liking the new editor here on blogspot? I think it is acting very weird…. hope this will improve.. else i might be switching to wordpress or something like that.

Well anyways just wanted to show you all what i got today with the mail 🙂 Its a scarf i bought online from esprit.com around $30 but was on sale for like $20 and i got some more discount cause I am a member for their club so i got it for $16 🙂

Don’t mind my not so fashionable shirt.. I got home from work this morning at 7 so this is my sunday 😛

And then i bought this bag, the surface is synthetic suede but real nice anyways 😛


  1. Lovely scarf… I have a little scarf collection. Always buying them but never wear them! I must make more of an effort this winter!

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