2 hours to go…

Lying here in my office chair at work.. with my legs up on the table and relaxing. I’m soooo tired and to night i have to go to bed early. I don’t think that it will be a problem though since I easily could fall asleep here and now. My boyfriend called me on the phone and said I have a package waiting at home. And that made me a bit more awake.. not much but still a bit.. Actually I think im coming down with something.. Felt crappy all day here 🙁 The package I received is from Nailmail.se and much awaited. Not only because of the OPI’s in it but also the Zoya which came broken in my last package so its such a shame im so tired… Cause I would rather go home and put some polish stuff on than to go straight to bed…. obvious choice isnt it? 😛

buhuu.. send good thoughts my way so I will make it the last couple of hours.. Im really close to going home earlier if I dont feel better soon 🙁

BTW I FOUND SITE THAT SHIPS China Glaze TO DK!!! so now i know where to get the good stuff 😛


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