NOTD // OPI – Gargantuan Green Grape Matte

So here is the first of my new mattes from OPI. They are not as long lasting as normal polishes but they do write that on the bottle. And you have to follow some directions when applying it and normal wear. It is perfect for me since I change polish almost ever day I cant really see any chipping before i remove it again. Reason for not showing thumb and the index finger?(the pointing one :P) is that they are still to short. So i tried keeping it to the longer nails 😛

Edit: Btw I’m sorry for the really boring pictures. There wasn’t any sunshine at my work or any good light actually. So had to be this. Think I’m gonna take new pictures for them all this week, this is to boring to look at that’s for sure 😛


  1. Thanks ladies 😀 Though i think i have to take a new picture of this when the sun comes out.. sometime next year 😛

    Echoes: Det er denne måneds nailmail, så når alle er sendt ud osv. så plejer hun at lægge de resterende på shoppen, så du må holde øje med den derinde 🙂

  2. you did a great job with the matte! i always mess them up, but you made it look awesome! la la love how long your nails are, sorry about the ones that broke 🙁 i hate it when that happens!

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