NOTD // Zoya – Pinta (Picture heavy)

I’m sorry about all these pictures of the same polish but this is a true chameleon 😛 Depending on the light its either blue, purple or dark purple. I hope I have captured this good 🙂 As far as the name goes.. Wiki says it can mean ship, that were used by Christopher Columbus. Or its a skin disease. So not much help in the name to why its called this. But I love it and its a trendy fall color that’s for sure 🙂 Hope you liked it 😀 Oh and yesterday I made a database for all my polish 😀 Don’t really know how to show it to you.. but I’ll think of something 😛


  1. Thanks for all the pictures; I like seeing how the polish will look in a bunch of different lights. Great color, it looks nice on you.

  2. Echoes: Ja ik? synes det er fedt den er så alsidig ;D

    nihrida: Oh so maybe its there they got the name from 😀 And Im with you.. so gorgeous 😀

    gildedangel: Yeah me to! Think Im gonna wear it alot this winter 🙂

    Aurora's Nails: It was my pleasure 🙂 yeah me to.. so fun they can be so versatile 😀 And thanks alot 🙂

  3. I have this polish also. I haven't worn it yet. It really changes color according to the light. Very pretty on you.

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