Gotta love SATC… just saw the episode where its Fleet week and Miranda stays home with Brady.. And then she finds the remains of his bellybutton and the cat runs off with it 😛 did a Google and its actually on the Top 10 funniest SATC moments 😀 See them here

Whats your favorite memory from the show?

And sorry for the lack of posts.. Just started work again and I’m sitting on night shift at the moment. So haven’t really had anything interesting to blog about.. 😛 But I look forward to doing my next NOTD.. looks like we are going opal ;D Have a nice Sunday/Monday. I have night shift tomorrow to so will probably not update again before Tuesday afternoon 🙂 Unless I find something very interesting 😀

Oh and forgot to mention… I watched Twillight for the first time Friday night… I’m on Team Edward.. thats for sure 😀 He can bite my neck anytime.. haha 😀


  1. I'm team Edward also. I've only read the first book and have to read the remaining. I loved SATC. There are too mny episodes that I love to pick one.

  2. Well, I very much dislike SATC. It's one of the worst shows, IMO. =)
    I knew you'd be on team Edward. How could you not be?! hihi

  3. Lucy yeah there are many.. love them all though 😀 Hehe

    nihrida didnt think any girl in the world disliked Satc 😛
    Is it cause he is vampy we like him? 😛

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