Polish database

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I was getting tired of not knowing which polish I have. It came to a point where i just cant remember it anymore 😛 So made an excel database with them all in. I have some more columns where it says if its glimmer, cream, metallic and etc. And another for NOTD on this blog. So I can keep somewhat track of it. I still know the name of the polish in the head no doubts there 😛 but cant always remember some of the other stuff. So this is nice and I use it often when I need to find a polish real quickly, and it’s really effective if I need to find a certain color then I can see all of them I have instead of have to look through my bags with the polish in.. And that takes a good time if the one I’m looking for is in the bottom 😛 In the future I’m gonna put some direct links from the database to the blog so I don’t even need to search it 😀 Lazy? Oh yes! 😀
Any questions? Don’t even hesitate to ask 🙂


  1. Hold da op! 😀 Der må jeg tage hatten af, det kan jeg slet ikke overskue. Mine er bare arrangeret hjemme under farve, men intet Excel ark :p

  2. I used to do that too- well only sorting them by brands& after a time I forgot to write them down after a few( bigger) hauls and it's quite time-consuming to write all of them down and remember which one I've had on my list and which not xD

  3. Oh yes.. but luckily I have really good time on my hands 😉 works nightshifts. So can get some stuff done there 😛

  4. Great work Maria!

    As you know (since you asked on my blog) I also have a database for my polishes.
    Eh, it takes a nerd to know a nerd? ;-p

    In time, You can not live without a database..

    Today, I actually spent some time trying to figure out how to make the move from and old mac pro and and a Palm T3 to a new iMac and a iPhone. Not really crystal clear, but I'm getting there.

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