Elfster package!

So I finally received my secret santa elfster package and it was from sweet Grace! I was so afraid it was lost in the mail cause it took a good while for it to get here. But its here now and she send me just what I wished for! 😀

The sweetest little bag I’ve ever seen! So cute! 😀

I received Art Deco polish, China Glaze LOL and Temptation Carnation and last but not least OMG… Wow I’m soooo happy to have gotten 2 of my favorites from the OMG collection. So now I have 3!! Never thought I would even get just one of them 😀 And then the Temptation Carnation looks so nice, really love the pearly nude color. I’m really satisfied with this ;D And now I have a nail art polish so I must begin to think about what kind of nail art I can do 😀 Whee thanks so much Grace! Really nice secret Santa I had 😀 <3


  1. Oh, lovely package she put together for you! I'm glad it came through okay 🙂 And of course, YAY some great China Glaze for you!

  2. great package- i also love the omg collection and got all the colours i love. can't wait to see some swatches

  3. You're welcome. I'm glad you like the polishes 🙂 Sorry it's taken me a bit to catch up with everything. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!!

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