Comparing Nudes!

Well not much to say the picture pretty much explains it self 😉
Click for a much bigger version and a closer look.
Thanks for watching 🙂


  1. Cool post!!

    I have "Passion". I love it. Really really do. How does e.l.f "Nude" apply? Streaky or well?

    Beside, I've made a new e.l.f order and had added Gum Pink once more in my basket but I still received the same medium pink, not the light pink you showed me. I'm cursed! :((

  2. The elf polish needs alot of coats before you can see it. Its really sheer 🙁 but other than that it applies really well. Seems so weird about that pink? Did elf respond on your email?

    Det er sjovt fordi jeg synes der er ret stor forskel på dem. Elsker bare Passion fordi den har sådan en lækker farve i forhold til den anden. Men det er også nemmere at fange irl end på kamera.

  3. passion is probably my favorite "natural" nude polish ever 🙂 i like the look of bubble bath too, it's so classic!

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