New year, new design

So it finally happened. I have been getting more and more pissed annoyed with using blogspot the last couple of months and since my first shift at work this year is 2 days in the weekend (where absolutely nothing happens) I thought this would be a good time to start finding a new theme and get it all sorted 🙂 So after a few hours browsing themes I found this one and I am really happy about it. Its nice colors that suits me and the blog. I worked all day on moving stuff and finding widgets so all would work the way I liked. I will move the Google friend connect widget over tomorrow so hopefully if anyone wanna site, wait till tomorrow 😛 I hope you all like it and the blog also had a name change to make it look a bit more professional. Many didn’t get the spelling error in the text was on purpose so had to explain it a lot of times 🙁 So now any misunderstandings should be out of the way. Some upcoming stuff will be a giveaway sometime in the near future and I plan on doing a lot more NOTD’s that I have been slacking on a bit these last couple of months. Mostly cause of busy at work and I thought of making the votes so I would get a little more time between the posts. If you btw. see anything not working or you would like to have your link added to my blog roll please e-mail me or leave a comment!

Thanks to all who reads in here, you are the reason I keep blogging 🙂
Hugs from Maria

This is the 500th post o/ very good timing 😀


    1. Ja jeg er også blevet rigtig glad for det hen af dagen ;D har bare været rigtig besværligt med nogen af tingene fordi jeg ikke kunne gøre det før at det var flyttet.. men nu er det overstået og jeg smutter i seng! ;D så gnat

  1. Oooh! I have been considering doing this too, because so many things about blogger have been getting on my nerves as well. So you have the domain name already? How does hosting your pictures work?
    Congratulations! I love the design, and I hope the switch worked out smoothly! I may be following you when I get a little time to figure out how to work things!

  2. Well if you need some help I would be glad to try and give you a hand with it 🙂 I had for a good 5 years now but only been using it for blogging the last 2 years so just had it hosted same place as before I moved over to blogspot, which is at one of my friends hosting company. So cant really give you any advice on that 🙁 But the transfeer has been somewhat smooth, theres always some stuff that cant be done before its moved completely so I am checking all links and other small things all the time 🙂 But just give me shout if you need some help for it 😉

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