New Depend's

I was gonna do all of these in one post, but do to unforeseen circumstances (the weather = no sun), I had to split it up in 2-3 posts. So starting out with the first 3 in this one 😀 The little pictures is Depend’s own pr-pics and a big thanks to Star PR for sending me these polishes for review 🙂

First up is no. 158, great creamy pink, needed a good 2-3 coats for the best coverage, Depends picture differs a very tiny bit, this is a shot in full sun so I guess why the difference is so big.

Then we have no. 184. Great lilac/grayish color. Love the dusty look on it 😀 Have really good coverage with 1½-2 coats and sorry for not having a sun picture of this 🙁 Ran out of sun late in the afternoon 🙁 If you want me to re-swatch this when theres some sun out, please write a comment, so I know if there’s anyone needing it 😉

No. 190. This is a really hard color to capture. because of its shimmer, it needed around 4 coats for this much coverage, but if you are looking for a sheer polish this is perfect. If I stopped with 1-2 coats it didn’t do much for my yellowish nails underneath, so at least 3½-4 coats for nails like mine 🙂


  1. I am such a dork that when I first read the post title I giggled….in the US “Depend’s” are an adult diaper so my inner 12 year old died laughing.
    Anyway I love these colors, 184 is my favorite!

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