Status on the 1st week of my no buy

Since the 26th I have been on a no buy, so its a week and 1 day of no shopping. And must say its been really easy. Lots of times I have seen something and was about to click me on to the website or webshop. But then I just thought.. hm do I really need that color/t-shirt/bag? And closed down the window again. So there haven’t been that OMG I MUST HAVE feeling over anything yet. But I am definitely sure it will come. A lot of new collections is coming out now and there will be some of them I am just gonna have the urge to get. I had a strange feeling though.. looking at some of the new stuff thats out now.. None of them have really blown me away. I was sitting looking at the new OPI Hong Kong collection and I was not really feeling any of the colors like I need it 🙁 Could I be at a point where I don’t need any more colors? Is that possible? I mean I don’t have a big collection or anything, but I saw on someones blog lined up 6 almost identically colored greens and thought do I really need that? Could I be fed up at the moment with polishes? I didn’t think that it would be something I could think.. but well to look at the bright side.. this will make my no buy a lot easier. 🙂

Going home from work in the snow last night.. Truck that’s stuck and cant turn right uphill, ended up going around it

This road is usually all cleared of snow because its a big road with heavy traffic. But not this evening 🙁 Oh and the heavy traffic is always over when I get off work 😉 Yay for working 12 hour shifts 😛

Hope I haven’t offended anyone that have 6 identically green colored polishes or any other colors for that matter 😛
Have a nice evening and thanks for reading 🙂


  1. Haha, that last photo is messing with my eyes!
    I went on a no buy a little while back and I was able to stick to it for the most part, by remember things like that! It made it easier to deal with. I probably need to go again soon! I want to get a few more of the HTF I have spotted, and then take a break from buying. That’s my plan anyway!

    1. Haha I’m sorry I was driving and taking pic at the same time so its not easy to get a not blurry picture 😛 We could make a supportgroup? “Hi I am maria and I have stopped shopping” 😛

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