Yay look what I finally got a hold off! Cant wait to try it 😀 Hihi the little bottles are so cute 😛

oh and also got this handy bottle for nailpolish remover


  1. Hey, that’s the same kit I started with.
    Awesome. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    I just got one of those pump bottles yesterday. So handy.

    1. I think alot start out with that kit since there is everything you need in it hehe 🙂
      I have to master the fine arts of konad first.. its hard, I gave it a short try last night but it was fail 😛 And I love that bottle so much already ;D

    1. I hope to get some pics up this week, I have the whole week off, well almost 😛 so I should get some konad’ing done hopefully 😛

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