Orly – Lemonade, Pixy Stix and Snowcone *Updated*

I recently received half of the Orly Sweet collection* and I really like them. Pastel colors seems to go very well with my skintone. Lemonade and Snowcone needed 2 coats for coverage and Pixy Stix needed 3. I hope I can reswatch these when we get some sun again, so sorry for the bad pics..

Lemonade, I am not much of a yellow polish girl but this one may have hit the nail. I can see my self with this when summer comes around.. Maybe just on the toes but still! 😛

Snowcone and a rare pic of my right hand(yes I have one!) VERY nice light blue color, really like this one. (yikes on the cuticles, winter is hard on the skin)

Pixy Stix, lovely light pink color. But a bit sheer on the first coat. Updated with a pic taken inside with a normal office lamp

*Collection was sent to me from the manufacturer.

And I am sorry for MIA these last couple of days, just needed some time off 😉 And I don’t think I will be back in full gear again before next week. Oh and have seen I have been tagged and I will do them 😉


  1. I love this collection. I also got three and I think I will buy the rest 🙂 I understand your cutilces, the winter is hard here too and its so hard to keep them in good shape.
    Btw. in two weeks I will be visiting Denmark, can´t wait 🙂 I love your country!

    1. Yeah I don’t know if I am gonna buy the rest, these was the favorites (so was lucky that they sent those :P) I tend to take care of the left hand a lot more cause its the one I do all my swatching on hehe 😉 Sounds great although we have really boring weather here 🙁 hope it will shape up by the time you are visiting ;D Are you going alone or with friends/family?

        1. Oh well I hope you have a nice trip 😀
          No its been a pain the last couple of months and especially since my flash on the camera stopped working 🙁 but I try to do my best 😛

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