Once upon a time

there was a book filled with polish swatches…

Every time I get a new polish I make a quick swatch in this little book just so I know how it looks 😀 This was btw. what I was doing when I was sick with my eye a month ago 😛 also an easy way to keep a hold on how many polishes I got since theres 5 swatches on every page 🙂 Well except the one we can see here that have 6 😛 Its the new Orly’s I got 😀 I am geek sorry ! 😛


  1. I absolutely LOVE that idea!!!
    I have been trying to come up with a way to swatch my polishes that doesn’t take a humongous amount of space, as I have none. I might have to try this!, I am rapidly approaching 500 polishes though. But if I do this as least I’ll know what I have.

    1. Glad you like it, but it take quite some time to do this actually well less time than to swatch on the nails though hehe 🙂 Would love to see yours if you make a book 😀

  2. I try to swatch all my new polishes on my nails, and then take a pic, to see how it looks, and if it clashes with my skin, or to see if I hate it. I might have to upload some on my blog when I have a day off (but then I would have to label them… IDK about that…lol)

    1. Yeah same here well most polishes goes pretty well with my skintone 🙂 Looking forward to see what you come up with 😉

  3. Hold da helt op, det er godt nok noget af en samling du efterhånden må have! Jeg er dybt imponeret, men jeg kunne virkelig godt tænke mig at vide hvordan du opbevarer dem – de må jeg næsten have helt rum for dem selv 😀

    1. Hehe ja den blir lidt større efterhånden. Faktisk har jeg dem i 5 hello kitty toilettasker 😛 men jeg er igang med at få overtalt kæresten til en “Helmer” fra Ikea ;D

    1. thanks! yeah I was thinking I wanted a nailwheel to but I think it would be to much all of the sudden, so thought this was more easy 😛 I would love to see it if you make one ;D

  4. Like everyone else I think this is a wonderful way to keep track of all your polish colors. My problem would be it not giving me a true idea of how the color looks against my skintone. I use the little nail swatch wheels and keep them in a rubbermaid type plastic bin under my bed.

    1. Yeah well I am luckily very light skinned so its pretty close 😛 (well not that close to white) but its gives me a good idea on how it looks 😀

  5. I do this too. I have a little red leather bound book that I carry with me. It’s a mix of polish swatches, poetry and pictures I find that I like. I guess I’m a little weird too. 😉

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