No more new stuff….

I just made a decision. I am not going to buy any more new nail polishes until I have saved up for buying a Speedy 30 or 35 from Louis Vuitton ! Haven’t decided which one yet 🙁 Think I wont do that until I am ready to actually buy it. So in the future I will have to make do with the polishes I have already. So will try to be as creative as I can.. And still have to crack that Konad code 😛 Tried it a bit last week but I was really really bad at it. So I gave up 😛 On another note would like to welcome the new readers to my little world of polish. Hope you will stick around despite me not getting any of the new collections 🙂 I think it was amazing when I had 10 readers and now I have 160 😀 So welcome

And for your viewing pleasure a sheep ;D

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  1. I bet you have polish that you haven’t tried or worn much, and if you get going with Konad you’ll have plenty of fun. But still, a total ban? Yikes!! Are you getting a brand new Speedy or trying to get a nice used one?? I will be very excited to see which flavor you choose!!

    1. Yeah I have a lot of the untried.. so should be okay for a while. We are trying to save up some money no matter what, so have been dreading to start this.. but the sooner the better. I want to get a brand new one. I know it will be a good investment so why not get a new in stead of a used one 😉

  2. Jeg har besluttet det samme. Mit shoppestop begynder, lige så snart jeg har fået hentet en lille godbid. Chanel Particuliére.

    Hvilket materiale vil du have speedy’en i?

    Jeg har den i mono i str. 30, og den er bare super lækker 🙂

    1. Jeg aner det slet ikke endnu.. jeg tror først jeg beslutter mig hvis jeg kommer til at stå med dem i hånden.. aner ikke engang om man kan få dem inde i kbh. Men håber da på det 😀

  3. Get it in the Damien Ebene canvas! My personal favorite…seriously considering buying it! But….I do also need a new computer…which is more important: LV or mac?! Hard decision… 😉

    1. Sorry for the long time to response 🙁 I would def. go for a computer if thats what I needed the most 😛 but well I am a geek and would anyday choose a computer over a bag 😛

      1. Oh I’m definitely a geek too, and have decided to go for the computer. The one I use now is having serious battery issues! 😉 At the time I wrote my comment, my sister was brainwashing me with bag-talk. But yeah, a computer is most certainly the most practical item of the two – especially when you are writing your master thesis! Don’t need to deal with battery issues now! 😉

  4. The sheep is adorable. I’m sure this will only inspire you and get your creative juices to flowing. Once you get the hang of the konad you can show off your new skills to us. 🙂 I can’t wait to see which bag you choose for yourself.

    1. Oh I hope so.. still waiting for that sun to come back again to get some pictures taken 🙁 sigh and hope I will get some konad urges soon, haven’t been there yet 🙁 I cant wait to see which one I choose either haha I have no idea yet :p

  5. Du kan sagtens få dem i butikken i kbh. Det er en klassiker, som jeg tror alle butikkerne har 🙂

    Glæd dig, den er så tidsløs 🙂

    1. Okay jeg kommer ikke lige så meget i “den slags” butikker så har ik rigtig nogen ide til hvad jeg ku forvente 😛 Men nu håber jeg at det går relativt stærkt med at få sparet sammen det er helt sikkert 😛

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