China Glaze Up & Away Collection, Happy Go Lucky, Heli-Yum & Four Leaf Clover

I was lucky enough to get sent this product for review from the manufacturer* so here is my pictures of them and thoughts 🙂

I don’t know why but when I see the colors from this collection I think about the circus and fun and summer. And I don’t even like clowns that much 😛 They are scary 🙁 But the colors still cheer me up and with all this winter and snow and cold, its much needed! That’s for sure.

First up is Happy Go Lucky – its a creme and applies really well, but needed two coats for total coverage. It could be that I apply a fairly thin first coat, but I like to put it on thinner because there is a less chance of bubbles 🙂 But back to the polish. I really like it and even though yellow is not one of my favorite colors so I am pretty sure this is one that will pop up during spring and summer!

Then we have Heli-yum – also a creme. As with most red/pinks I find it very hard to capture. As you can see on the first picture the bottle color is slightly more pinkish than the color on the nails. But its really depending on which light is on and the surroundings. But nevertheless I love pinks and this one is a definite keeper 😉 A girl cant have to many pinks!

Four Leaf Clover – or the chameleon as I like to call it. This is also a creme, I actually think the full collection is all cremes, but not entirely sure. It applies really well, I think one coat did the job here and ½ coat for finishing touches. And now look at the 3 pictures below. Of the same polish. Notice any difference? Just click to make them bigger, had to make them tiny so they could fit besides each other. Amazing how a color can be so versatile. Blue, green and minty. And when I look at it in real life it looks more like grass green.. I think these are some great colors and I am sure these and many of the pastels that there are out will be good this upcoming season 🙂 I am gonna put this one on the toes for sure! 😛 And I would definitely recommend this for Sct. Pattys day 😉

And to finish off I have taken a picture with no flash, the only light is a desk lamp. I honestly think this is the most accurate shot of the colors, except of the Heli-Yum, where the top picture is the best.
Have you found your spring colors yet?

*All opinions concerning this product is my own and I am not getting paid to write this.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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