China Glaze – LOL

I have been sick, hence the silence here. Most of you would probably have guessed this from reading my last post. I am doing pretty fine now and had time to do a mani Friday before going out with my work. As you can see on the bottom picture this is a holo when the light hits it and a when there’s non on it, its just a gorgeous purple 😀 Sorry about the messy cuticles, tried to brush it up a bit. And in other news I found some more stuff for my blogs birthday giveaway, so be sure to check back soon 😀


    1. Then go get it! I heard that they were gonna discontinue China Glaze – OMG collection, so its now if any time to get your hands on it 🙂

  1. I didn’t know your were sick! =O
    Glad it is getting better now!

    I have this color too, but something is missing…
    I don’t know, too purlpe I guess.. =P
    But it looks very good on you!

    1. Hehe well how should you know 😛 And thanks I am finished with all the cough and such.. and now I have work again tomorrow.. And thanks 😀 I would love to see it on you 🙂

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