NfuOh – 51

This is one of the infamous NfuOh’s, it seems to be quite a lemming in the nail community. And I understand why 😛 I bought them a while ago but haven’t really had time to try them on other than a quick swatch on each finger. So here is a quick post with the first of them.This is the original color, I haven’t used a base color. So this is how it actually looks 🙂 I have seen a lot of pictures with a black as a base and that looks great to, I mean flakies can make anything look good! 😀

For those of you not familiar with this polish I took some pictures of the bottle 🙂 As you can see its shaped like a dress, I think its absolutely gorgoues and the best idea for a polish ever 🙂 Nfuoh’s slogan is: “When NfuOh began All of the worlds nailart trend was changed” And who is to argue with them? 😛 NfuOh’s own blog can be found here and I bought mine at


  1. Isn’t this a stunner? I love this! I originally wasn’t sure if it needed to be layered or not, it does look pretty over black but it looks best on its own, huh? Love it on you!

    1. Thanks Nicole 😀 I tried it over black to but I thought it would be better just to show it plain.. erh well there’s really nothing plain about this polish… but I think you get what I mean haha 😀

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