Changes + new links!

I decided to change my current theme because I had some issues with pictures. So I want to give this one a try 🙂

As I mentioned after my giveaway quite a lot have asked to be put on my blogroll, but sadly didn’t leave a link for their site so I am going to do another link swap post 🙂 Only thing I ask is for you to link back to me 😉 And I will go through my blogroll as well to check for any broken links/dead blogs etc. So leave a comment with your link 🙂


  1. AWW that’s really nice of you. BTW I LOVE this layout. I love that the text box is black with grey text. love it!!! Now if only I were tech savvy enough to know how to do something like this…..

  2. I have you on my blogroll already and it is so sweet of you to extend the same courtesy to us! Thank you! I’m ch3rryco1a.blogspot.comb 😀

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