Since my move to the wordpress platform my feed has changed, so for those of you reading through google reader (not the friend connect thingy) have to delete the old feed and put in the new one


Because if you only put in in the feed, the old one will be put in.. for the moment, I have put a redirect on now, but I dont know when this will be working fully. So for the sake of you getting my posts just update to the new feed 😉 Thanks for reading!

50 followers Giveaway!


This will be in english so all can understand it ;D

Im having a giveaway to celebrate my first 50 followers.. i know i have more now, but i began to think about this when i hit 50 😛 so i guess thats okay.. well it have to be since im the boss on this blog ;D

Better pictures up 🙂 but no swatches ofc 😛 Unless you absolutely want me to ;D

Edit: I’ve put one more polish on the line, cause after seeing some pics of it on the nails it isnt really me, so if you have already put down your vote and want to change it just make a new comment 🙂

I will be giving these 3 away ( if you want to google them and take a closer look)
Barry M – 216 – Silver Cascade
Barry M – 285 – Aqua Green
Barry M – 280 – Violet Gold Shimmer

There will be 3 winners… 1 polish for each winner

This is open to all people in the whole wide world (i dont want no comment on this from Judy… ok? :P)

Rules are simple

  • You must be a follower
  • You have to write a comment on which polish you would like to win and since you are a follower i should have no problem finding you if you win 🙂

If you want a chance on a extra entries, blog about this or make a tweet 😉 write me a comment if you have done this.

Winner will be chosen in a very creative way… just have to figure one out 😛 (but it will be randomly ofc)

Last chance for joining is September 30th midnight CET… (i think its called) sry i dont know when it is in the states and other parts of the world 🙁

Hope to see alot of entries and spread the word if you want to 🙂
And thanks again for reading my silly blog ;D