Who’s there??


China Glaze who?


I’m pretty super exited right now.. I ordered some CG polishes from a danish “ebay” site not really sure of which it was, could only see a small picture of them and when I got them today and I start to look at them and then see that one of the favorites from the OMG collection is amongst them!! Whaaaat im happy 😀 I got all 7 bottles for 305 DKR (60 USD) and I really think that’s a bargain considering its almost impossible to get CG here in Denmark. So I defenitely know what I’m gonna be doing this weekend! 😀 Oh well besides going to the movies in 2 hours 😛 Have nice (Black)Friday! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Knock Knock…

  1. Yummy! What is that gorgeous purple shade right in the middle? (everyone is going to ask you which shade is what, ahah!)

  2. From left to right
    Strawberry Fields
    Anklets of Amethyst
    Ruby Pumps
    Bad Kitty

    Ooooh I'm gonna do lots of swatches 😀

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