This is weird.. a spelling error… hmm…
When I removed this label a more recognizable China Glaze label was underneath, but it’s odd that this one was on top.. Anyone seen this before?

Anyways on to the swatching :p this is a purple shimmering/glittering color. I tried getting a close up picture to show it, but again with no sun out and with a normal lamp its even harder to capture. So hope this will do it for you. I have about 4½-5 coats on here. Its a really sheer polish but it was easy to apply 🙂

Reason for my afk’ness these last few days is my internet is not working very well. So its a pain even to browse any websites 🙁 So I don’t know if I will be able to do any more updates before my ISP have fixed the problem. So hope you can understand why there is so little/none updates 🙂 I try to go on my mail and twitter, but still working so slow so have given up on trying to respond to messages or emails.

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14 thoughts on “NOTD / China Glaze – Anklets of Amethyst(st)

  1. I had never seen a spelling error in a china glaze before. It really is very strange! The color is very pretty, but I can not go 5 layers, I get tired just thinking about it!

    1. Thanks! 😀 I cut them down just after I made this post 😛 I thought they had started to get a really odd shape.. but no worries they grow out again 😛 hehe 😀

  2. very pretty, and your nails look fab!! Very annoying to have to do so many coats, though. I hope your ISP situation gets fixed soon, I’d be having internet withdrawals.

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